Sound Design – Filmscore – Mixing – Audio Restoration

Wild. Auf Jagd im Gebirge – by Wolfgang Tonninger

Mixing, Sounddesign

Bilder der Seele – by Karin Nikbakht & Nick Szymczak

Sounddesign, Mixing

Blót – Zwischen den Welten – by Alexander Flatau

Filmscore, Audio-Supervisor

WTF Happened – by Laurin Gausch, Gitti Wirnharter, Gregor Perle

Audio Postproduction, Filmscore, Sounddesign

Video abspielen

Jedermann Auf Reisen – by Wolfgang Tonninger & Walter Fanninger

Audio Postproduction, Sounddesign, Setton

Video abspielen

Shadow Of Light by Walter Fanninger

Audio, Production

Rose by Anna Niebert

Sounddesign, Filmscore, Mixing

Egoplaneta by Tobias Jonas

Sounddesign, Mixing


Composing – Recording – Mixing – Mastering

Vinsta – Schwoaze Låckn

Songwriting, Production, Recording, Mixing

Plaguepreacher – Terracide


Mr.Käfer – Orientations

Co-production with Karim Salzburger, Sopran Saxophon Performance

Hidden Desire – Lea Jonas

Producing, Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Into The Void

SciFi-Score project for university, complete production

Vinsta – Aufgongsjodler

Songwriting, Production, Recording, Mixing

Nightfall – by Gerald Huber

Contribution of Sopran Saxophone, Hammered Dulcimer and Strings


Sound Design – Interactive Music – Soundscape – Implementation

We Are One – VR-Game

Composition, Interactive Music, Sounddesign, Implementation

We Are One – Announcement Trailer

Music, Mixing

Caravan Chaos

Music, Sounddesign, Implementation

Ship Shifters – University project


Eerie – University project

Composition, Interactive Music, Implementation

Fractals – University project

Composition, Interactive Music, Implementation


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